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The course is designed as a practical guide to do international trade under changing opportunities and challenges in the global environment. It integrates the themes of having trade preparation, setting prices, transporting the merchandise, documenting, and releasing/paying the trade proceeds in international trade. The course adapts the dynamism of global business environment. Stress is given to gain competitive advantages under prevailing situation of Bangladesh and Global Market. Student should undertake some complementary reading in the form of online/offline to explore in greater depth.

Biomedical Instrumentation is the field of creating such instruments that help to measure, record and transmit data to or from the body.

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This course has been designed to ┬×train the students to apply their knowledge of English in real life situation. ┬×This course will help students understand the fundamentals of English and learn different language learning methods and techniques. Students will be able to make themselves self-developed through gaining confidence, satisfaction and resourcefulness and will be able to relate their learning to different practical uses of English.